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published July 20, 2021

SWFL Real Estate Charts Follow….

Okay, here I go. My first attempt at true blog writing. I’m going to finally stop letting WordPress intimidate me. I have a goal to share lots of fun stuff about Fort Myers, real estate knowledge, and the love I have for our historic downtown and surrounding areas. I plan to share many areas of interest for both newcomers and current SWFL residents!

I’m Dena Sander, founder of No Limits Realty.

I’m a mom, a wife, an aunt, a daughter, a friend of many. I love to serve people and always found real estate very intriguing. With a background in marketing and not preferring to have a boss, owning a brokerage has become a great fit for me! I’m a seeker of knowledge and don’t like the mundane, so the world of real estate keeps me on my toes! There’s never a dull moment and no one day is the same as another. Juggling responsibilities and being able to where many hats is very important in this profession!

I want to start off by sharing with you what I see in the current real estate market versus when I started in this business in 2005. Everyone’s question, when is the bubble going to burst again?

See the thing is, I don’t see the bubble bursting. People have equity again. Many are paying with cash. Buyers and owners now have skin in the game. It’s no longer 100% financing, roll in closing costs and we will give you a mortgage...provided you have a heartbeat. Lenders don’t offer such easy money these days and this is a healthy thing for the real estate market! When I took the leap into a career in real estate, this was not the case.

Even Before Covid, our area was already experiencing great gains in population. Baby boomers and retirees have been flocking to Florida.  The 2019 census put Lee County at a population of 770,577 which was a 24.5% increase from the 2010 census of 618,755.  Fort Myers is not only the fastest growing city in Florida, but according to WalletHub article in 2018, Fort Myers was the fastest growing in the entire country!

Real Estate is also local. Florida, specifically the Cape Coral / Fort Myers metro are experiencing migration like never before. We are working with many newcomers, they come here for a different way of life and many of the opportunities Florida offers. Low taxes, sunshine and freedom are current major attractors. You’ll be hard pressed to find a list these days that Fort Myers is not on top, in terms of growth.

In 2005, when I started in this business, there were lotteries for homes and lots. Everyone was saying Florida will be the next California...everyone’s going to make millions. Buy and flip, right? Sounded great until the mortgage crisis and crash. I watched $600,000 condos sell for $125,000. Record foreclosures in the Cape Coral/Fort Myers Metro area put us on the top of the a different list than today! #1 in bank owned homes - the foreclosure capital of the world! We would fight with Las Vegas for first place on the coveted list. Not really the place I wanted to be going into a new career.

But I always believed in the downtown area. I found the charm of our historic area on the river to be quite appealing. When people couldn’t sell and were upside down, we began helping with rentals. We continued to sell property, but also helped a lot of people during a difficult time. We do this still today for our clients with a focus on helping buyers and sellers, as the original goal of the company. When my mom comes in for a visit these days, we reminisce about how I always believed in downtown and look at it now. And then she gets back to her Pokémon hunting. By the way, Downtown Fort Myers is a great place to find Pikachu!

In contrast, today’s market is something I have never experienced before, but is also so much fun. It’s busier than ever and you have to be on your toes! It is more important than ever to have someone in your corner, that understands the area, the market, and is willing to work hard for you! We would love to be those ladies!

As the slogan I came up with in 2005 says, “dealing you the best hand in real estate”. I believe that to be true now, more than ever. Partner with people with experience and ethics!

Interested in current market statistics? I will be regularly sharing market updates. See the charts below. These are interactive and you can always check back here for the current month statistics. I’ve included Lee County, Fort Myers, Cape Coral and The Downtown area specifically. Some of these stats are unbelievable. For one, June closed sales up almost 50% in the county!  Over 2700 sales compared to just over 1800 the two years prior.  With the median Days on Market being 6 in June, I’d say you need to find yourself buyer representation! A healthy market has 6 months’ supply of inventory. Downtown is sitting with the highest supply in the chart…a whopping 1.6 months. Lee County, as a whole, does not even have enough listings to support one month of supply! If you are thinking about selling, now is a great time! We would be happy to help you understand your home’s value in today’s market.

I hope you enjoy the blog as it develops thru the remainder of 2021 and into 2022. And…I hope my high school AP writing skills are okay for all the English majors out there! I promise to proofread but can’t guarantee there won’t be some mistakes along the way!

I will be aiming to provide you with knowledge - with a little entertainment in my blog writing journey! As I said, it’s important to wear many hats…

Hats off to anyone that made it to the end!

I’m going to sign off on my blogs with a little influence from my boys. Let’s just say they’ve heard me talk on the phone once or twice and love to imitate me saying “BUH-BYE”! In my head, I guess it’s kind of a “until next time” …

Dena Sander - Broker - No Limits Realty, LLC
Dealing you the best hand in Real Estate!  NO LIMITS!
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